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Lori B.

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My main experience as a writer lies in research essays/articles, fiction stories, and editing.

  • Chandler, AZ, USA
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Lori B.
Chandler, AZ, USA



I began my journey this year. It has gone well so far, but I am looking to expand my client base and build my portfolio more. I thoroughly enjoy research and writing of most kinds. So, my journey has been fun and a good experience so far.

Work history

Freelance Writer
I have done website proofreading and editing as well as writing basic outlines for non-profit programs.
I am an engineer. I used my expertise and experience to help when writing research papers and articles.


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Semiconductor Industry

Research essay on the origins, history, and future of the Semiconductor industry.

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Should the Practice of Plea Bargaining Be Abolished?

Short research article on Plea Bargaining and whether it is useful.

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Should the Juvenile Court System be Discontinued?

Short article on the Juvenile Court System including its history.

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Mentoring Homeless and Foster Children Program Outline

Basic outline for a program to help fostered and homeless school aged children.


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