Magnus P.

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Developer since childhood, professional 5+ years. Dane. Unicyclist. Backbone/marionette/sass/coffeescript/node.js/grunt/gulp/and more

  • Düsseldorf, Germany
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Magnus P.
Düsseldorf, Germany



Studied computer science at university 2011-2012 (left w/o degree), then started working as a developer with various startups in Copenhagen. That journey has taken me to countless hackathons, 2 diff startups and 18 months as a remote freelancer

Work history

Lead web developer
Airtame has produced a wireless HDMI dongle and launched with what was at the time (2014) the biggest European indiegogo campaign. I was the 3rd employee and build and managed all public facing web properties during my 18 months at Airtame.
Freelance software developer
Gigster is a bureau that helps startup build their first products (websites, apps or webapps). At Gigster I've worked as a remote developer with a variety of teams and team members from across the world to help startups launch and grow.


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