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marcella J.

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I am a digital marketer with over six years of experience. My skillsare in email marketing, sales, lead generation, social media and more.

  • Philadelphia, PA, United States
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marcella J.
Philadelphia, PA, United States

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Hello, my name is Marcella Jones. I am an experienced digital marketer with over six years of working history. My expertise falls in sales, lead generation, email marketing, PR, social media marketing and strategic marketing.

Work history

Social Media/ Email Marketer
IdeasMine is an innovation platform that gives employees the ability to voice the ideas they have for the company.
Strategy Marketer
Tidy Biz is a commercial cleaning company based outside of Philadelphia, PA.
Digital Marketer
LAAE ( Liberian-American Agriculture Enterprise) is a nonprofit company based in Philadelphia, PA. It harvests products in Liberia and export them to America. The produce is distributed to American citizens for free if they meet the qualifications.



Strayer University
Associates in Marketing
University of Pittsburgh
Bachelors in Psychology


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Advertising & Marketing

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Blogs and books mostly