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Matthew S.

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I am a LAMP stack web developer with 10 years of experience. I webmaster a couple clients and also have independent projects.

  • Grand Rapids, MI, USA
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Matthew S.
Grand Rapids, MI, USA

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I have been doing LAMP stack development since 2006. Because I webmaster sites I have experience tying the front end into the back end.

Work history

This is an outdoor store selling signature American made products. They wanted a look like Filson so I skinned a blank WordPress theme over a WooCommerce shopping cart to create a dynamic store site.
Where There are No Jobs
Moodle course, ebook, and Android app for an international micro enterprise instruction provider.


Weather Bether

Text your city/state (or just city if it's high population) or ZIP to 616 552-4356 to get a weather report. Great for places out in the boonies that don't have good connectivity.

Memory Board

This is a new language learning tool that allows you to select whatever image suits you to communicate what you need to get across.

Flashing Phone Premium (Android App)

Never get lost in a crowd again. Just agree on a color and hold your phone up to your

Geofence Man

Easy WYSIWYG Geofence creator/editor



Wheaton College
Computer Science (BS)




Native or bilingual proficiency


php mysql jquery CSS javascript travel video production wordpress HTML writing


wamp fireworks winscp astrogrep office dreamwever postman windows Photoshop


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  • Available during business hours and evenings


  • Can work 10hrs per week
  • Can commit to 1-3 months


Industries I love

Ecommerce Music Travel

What I read

Slashdot, CNET News, Selling The Invisible, Gordon Livingston books

Side projects

Some poetry

Ideal team

Someone who does not have a chaotic management style that is very specific about what they want done and then lets me alone to do it. I have been a jack of all trades for so long so am used to hands on management styles as opposed to layers of management