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Matthew T.
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Matthew is a writer, editor, and filmmaker specializing in adventure, culture, nature, travel, and lifestyle topics. His writing and photography have been published in outlets such as The New York Times, Trek & Mountain Magazine, and Sidetracked Magazine.

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Writer & Video Editor
ExplorersWeb is a leading outlet for news and analysis from the world of adventure with 1,500 - 2,000 visitors per day.
Adventure Travel Marketing & Operations
Untamed Borders is an adventure travel company providing unparalleled access to some of the world’s most interesting and inaccessible places.


Now, This is Kiting!

"In January, a four-man Spanish team completed a 2,500km journey between two research stations in Antarctica, from near Novolazarevskaya to Dome Fuji, and back. How they traveled was even more exotic than where they traveled. For 52 days, they rode a series of customized sleds..."

Haiti Has One Of The Most Expansive And Influential Histories In The World

"Located on the western side of Hispaniola, Haiti is a nation rocked by revolutions and steeped in culture. We take a look at 21 highlights of the country's history ranging from courageous slave revolts, rum-soaked pirates, murderous despots, and change-making visionaries."

An Interview with Hanifa Yousoufi: First Afghan Woman to Climb Mt. Noshaq

"In August, Hanifa Yousoufi became the first Afghan woman to summit 7,492m Mt. Noshaq, her country’s highest peak. The 24 year-old Yousoufi was part of a climbing expedition assembled by Ascend, a U.S.-based nonprofit that uses climbing to help young women in troubled countries."

New Satellite Imagery Shows Antarctica in Pinpoint Detail

"The Reference Elevation Model of Antarctica (REMA), as it is officially known, is formed from millions of stereoscopic satellite images shot over Antarctica between 2009 and 2017. A Blue Waters supercomputer was then used to digitally stitch together the 150 terabytes of data."

The Man Who Tried to Walk from Alaska to China

"Last July, 47-year-old John Martin left Anchorage, Alaska and traveled north 500km by road, towing an eight-foot sailing dinghy past Denali National Park and into the interior. He was headed for Nenana: This small village had been the starting point of the 1925 Great Race of Mercy..."

The 10 Most Popular Routes to the South Pole

"In November 1988, a multinational team of 11 began the first trip to the South Pole from Hercules Inlet, on the southern edge of the Ronne Ice Shelf. Since then, at least 187 people have skied these 1,130km, making it the most traveled route in Antarctica. American Aaron Linsdau took the..."


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