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Matthew P.

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  • Joined November 2016

Senior level marketing professional specializing in content & email marketing, brand strategy & development, SEO and PPC.

  • Nashville, TN, United States
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Matthew P.
Nashville, TN, United States



I've got over 10 years of progressive experience in the traditional and (mainly) digital marketing spaces. Currently I'm the Sr. Marketing Mgr of a small edtech startup in town where I lead and execute all marketing processes and activities.

Work history

Sr. Marketing Manager
Directed and executive all marketing processes and activities at Thrivist. Email marketing, social media management, content development and marketing, SEO, digital advertising. Also responsible for assisting in the development of the Thrivist brand ethos
Account Manager
Liaison between the agency team and all agency clients. Intimately involved in strategy, campaign brainstorming, creative development, copywriting, data analysis, reporting and quality assurance for all the work the agency did.



University of Iowa
Bachelor of Communication Studies


Not seeking work


  • Available during business hours only


  • Can work 40hrs per week
  • Can commit to 3-6 months


Industries I love

Advertising & Marketing Consumer Products Ecommerce Health & Wellness Media Music PR & Communications Sports Tech Travel

What I read

Wired, Fast Company, Historical fiction/non-fiction, Entrepreneurial related podcasts (Entrep. Thought Leaders, Startup)

Ideal team

I work best in a team of 7-10 folks. I've worked with larger and smaller teams as well. I love collaboration (two heads are better than one, right?). As long as I'm not micro-managed, we'll get along just fine. :)