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I have loved writing ever since I could hold a pen! Creative, descriptive, journalistic, academic - I love all kinds of writing.

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Maudie F.
London, UK



As a student, I was made editor of the internal paper and asked to found another, external one; after university, the response to my Medium blog led to me becoming a blogger for The Huffington Post. I have continued to write, edit and translate freelance.

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Maudie Fraser
Insight, explanation and opinion on the Syrian war and the Middle Eastern refugee crisis. A human-centred perspective not covered in the mainstream media. Powerful, thought-provoking, irreverent, at times humorous. Above all, compassionate and digestible.
Trinity College, Cambridge
Benefaction: to do good
A heartfelt exploration into the historic links between academia and migration; a call to arms for the compassionate deployment of power and influence; a timely reminder of our fundamental human nature.


Why the Greek Ultimatum is Ultimately Idiotic

A response to the Schengen "ultimatum" given to Greece by other member states in January 2017

Why I am not a Refugee

From my blog 'I am a Refugee'. This is the first piece I wrote after arriving home to London at the end of my journey. It is a tender treatment of the nuances problematised by the blog title, and a recognition of the fortitude and bravery of the refugees I travelled with - and all others.


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