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Maxime V.

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I'm passionate about learning the latest and greatest technologies whether that's the front end or backend. I enjoy creating sleek and respo

  • Paris, France
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Maxime V.
Paris, France



Came out of Paris Le Wagon coding school in March 2018. Since then I have been working on various projects.
Mostly coded in Ruby backend, RoR framework and React.js in front.

Work history

Full Stack developer
Designed & developed efficient and maintainable web apps according to the business objectives and needs of the company’s clients. Designed & developed effective app-based solutions to address the problems and concerns of the company’s clients.
Operations Manager
Worked in unison with managers and associates to implement new company policies and objectives. Addressed customer escalations to attain maximum level of retention. Implemented new strategies and policies to maximize company profits.


Scraper Hotel

Created from scratch an hotel booking engine scraper in order to get datas from hotels site and distribute it to price yelding companies. Project was coded using ruby language (back), RoR framework and React.js as front end. The db was postgres and I was using GraphQl to make the queries to the db.

ETS Chauffage

Last project in date for a private french heating company. I am still working on it. Waiting for their graphist to send me the last 2 pages but I am happy about this project. I used RoR as framework. Clients wanted to be able to change the content of it's site so I add to integrate a ruby cms.


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