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Fiercely friendly, slightly over-caffeinated, and award-winning freelance writer. Need help with a project? I'm always willing to help!

  • Spokane, WA, United States
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Melynda S.
Spokane, WA, United States

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I started writing for Demand Media in 2008 where I picked up gigs with eHow, Livestrong, and GardenGuides. I later went on to write for Skyword where I still blog for the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.

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Jul 2017 to Aug 2018
Test Piece - Good&Co
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The Dichotomy Of The American Sleep Deficit And How It’s Affecting Productivity
An article that details the impact of a sleep deprived culture on productivity.
Archery Safety for Hunters
An overview of safety when using a bow and arrow.
How to Treat Toddler Tummy Aches
While a tummy ache can stem form a wide range of causes, this article tackles the first steps in the process of soothing your little one.
5 Breaking Scientific Healthcare News Stories
A quick run down of medical advances in the news

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Melynda was a pleasure to work with. Her enthusiasm for the project really shined through her writing. All her work was on time and if the instructions were not clear she proactively sought out the answers by communicating with us. Her writing did not need editing, and her tone and voice aligned well with our brand.


The Dichotomy of the American Sleep Deficit and How it's Affecting Productivity

Americans are known for our fierce work ethic, but are we running ourselves into the ground?

10 Incredible Things Coffee Does to Your Body

As if we needed any more reasons to love coffee.



Lindenwood University
MFA in English (Majored in Creative Nonfiction)
Central Washington University
Creative and Professional Writing
Spokane Community College
Associates Degree


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