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Maureen M.

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  • Joined May 2016

Experienced content manager with a strong writing voice and professional graphic design skills/software. This is a one-gal show.

  • Gainesville, FL, United States
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Maureen M.
Gainesville, FL, United States



Content Copywriting Design Admin Strategy



I have worked in an administrative and project-based role for two years now. This previous year I worked 100% remotely. I have experience in for- and non-profit realms, as well as social enterprise and "startup."

Work history

Content Manager
Manage a blog and social media strategy with a high degree of autonomy, but inside of a four-person team. Systems and processes are all extremely well documented and followed.
Zirtual, Inc.
Virtual Assistant



Bachelor of Fine Arts/Painting



blogging content creation content curation content marketing content strategy social media management documentation editorial graphic design visual communications


Basecamp Google Drive Trello Slack Impact Filters Projet Plan Facebook Insights Twitter Hootsuite Photoshop Illustrator Mailchimp Instagram Medium Reddit


Not seeking work


  • Available during business hours and weekends


  • Can work 15hrs per week
  • Can commit to 1+ years


Industries I love

Education Media PR & Communications Social Enterprise Tech

What I read

Debt: The First 5,000 Years; Guns, Germs, and Steel; Endgame: The Problem of Civilization; The Diamond Age; 4-Hour Work Week; 4-Hour Body

Magazines: The Atlantic; New Yorker; Adbusters; Slingshot; The New Republic

Blogs: Tim Ferriss

Side projects

involved: urban gardening project, community composting effort, community education + outreach, continuing education classes at community college, ag extension workshops, gardening, eco-friendly lawn/landscaping company, illustrations for children's book.

Ideal team

I like smaller teams (3-10.) Right off the bat I appreciate efficiency and clarity of roles/responsibilities first and foremost. Creativity is a huge plus, as is humor -- but both are a necessity for the long-term.