Michelle B.

  • Joined April 2015

I graduated August 2014 as a Mechanical Engineer. I am a creative, problem solver who loves working with others.

  • Saint Paul, MN, United States
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Michelle B.
Saint Paul, MN, United States



I have worked as an engineer. I have many passions and goals that do not exactly relate directly to engineering. I enjoy planning, coordinating, organizing and I am good at those things.

Work history

Product Maintenance Engineer
I worked on current products dealing with cost savings and maintaining their quality
I work with ages k-5 and teach them lessons dealing with different engineering concepts.
AO Smith
Mechanical Engineer
I worked as a coop working on products in the lab collecting data and creating ways to share and display data clearly.


Not seeking work


  • Available during business hours only


  • Can work 20hrs per week
  • Can commit to 3-6 months


What I read

I read books that have to do with women in the work place. I have read "Lean In" and I am in the middle of reading "What Works for Women at Work" which encourage women to succeed and move on up in the workplace and they give you advice.

Side projects

I own a small business called "Herb Obsessed" which sells fresh and dried herbs and products made with them. I have a partnership with a store that sells some of my artwork. I am renovating a house inside and out.