Amber G.

  • Joined December 2015

Amber Gordon is the founder of Femsplain. She is a former creative strategist at Tumblr, and prior community manager for Denny's Diner.

  • New York, NY, United States
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Amber G.
New York, NY, United States



I’m a media professional and social strategy expert with seven years of experience working for major companies with regard to the social media industry. My background focuses in online community building and Internet culture.

Work history

Creative Strategist
Created world-class marketing strategies for top 100 brands, from single pieces of content to entire blogs. Led weekly creative brainstorm sessions with agencies and brands to make material for their blogs as well as conducted site audits.
Gotham Inc.
Community Manager
Managed all social media accounts for Denny’s Diner. Worked closely with a team of strategists and designers to craft easily digestible and sharable content based on current trends and events.


Not seeking work


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  • Can work 20hrs per week
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Industries I love


Side projects

Femsplain, was a side project I founded that is now my full-time job. It is an online community that publishes personal stories from anyone who identifies as a woman.