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Nicole W.

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Nicole was C-Level in Private Equity (trusts, estates, real estate, tech), prior to Management Consulting, M&A including Joby to Google.

  • Truckee, CA, USA
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Nicole W.
Truckee, CA, USA

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Nicole was C-Level in Private Equity (trusts, estates, real estate, tech), prior to Management Consulting projects leading Turn-Around, Mergers, Acquisitions, Exits, including the packaging of Joby Energy for merger with Makani & Google.

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Residential Co-Living Space. Established 3 sites. 5 star reviews. 2 year waiting list. 15% margins; 17% growth year over year. Traveled to 300+ places promoting community.
Interviewed for Television, Video, Radio. Published in Newspaper, Books, Web, Magazine. MAGAZINE AARP American Express Bank of America Daily Meal DeVos Graduate School Forbes - SMB Top Tier Talent Forbes Toyo Keizai - Wake Japanese Landing
Since August 2010 Public Relations, Marketing, Sales, Customer Relations, Corporate Culture & Employee Development
CFO / Management Consultant
Best in class focused on producing accelerated business growth. Our acclaimed team has worked with clients from sole proprietors to international conglomerates. We create solutions that work to increase revenues, improve human benefits, achieve targets.
● Grew Joby Energy from 20 to 50+ employees. ● Created HR, OSHA, employment, operation, stock manual & primed co. for merger w/Makani & Googl ● Created Joby Aviation, Joby Communications, North Coast Farms. ● Full service accounting for JE & NC Trust.
● W/in 6 mos grew co. from 20-50+ emp; brought in 1M unrealized revenues. ● Updated health care plans resulting in reduced expenditures plus higher salaries. ● Created system & processes automation; expanded to new location. ● Financial metrics and
Scatena York audit for Euro'Cryor USA & Eur'Cryor Itali'a 40M acquisition. ● Completed assignment in half the given timeframe.
Sales Management Consultant
● Generated MM in new business for AgentConnect (RE) & iMotors (auto). ● Consistently met targets; maintained status as top ranking sales performer. ● Responsible for marketing, sales, B2B client relations in CA, NV, NY, SC. ● Automated sales reporting


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