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Neil A Hogan is a prolific writer of thousands of blog posts, articles, magazines, books, ebooks and more.

  • Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
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Neil H.
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia






Writing for over twenty years about a variety of subjects, both non-fiction and fiction, under various pseudonyms in a multitude of newsletters, magazines, websites, blogs, ebooks, books, apps and more.

Work history

Electronic Desktop Solutions Pty Ltd
CEO and Managing Director
My publishing company. This facilitates my freelance status and enables me to publish a variety of books on Amazon, including my series of Alien Characters books for children.
Multiservice Computer Publishing
My business in the 90s. Helped start my series of websites and blogs.
Legal Books
Assistant Manager
The bookshop that enabled me to learn about the publishing industry. 1990-1996


Secret Sydney Bars Walking Tour Guide 2014:

Do you love craft beer, wine, whiskey, sake and other alcoholic drinks? Do you love exploring different bars? Are you always trying to find a new bar to experience? This title reviews over 37 hidden bars in the Sydney City area.

How to Become a Private English Language Conversation and Pronunciation Tutor (under my other name)

How to Become a Private English Language Conversation and Pronunciation Tutor is suitable for any native English speaker wishing to teach English to ESL adults, no matter what their teaching experience is. If you've never taught before, this book gives you advice on how to get started.

Gabriel and the Resurrection of Maldek

A rogue element is affecting space and time in the star system of Sol, with the intention of resurrecting a long dead planet between Mars and Jupiter. Asteroids are disappearing, so members of the secret Australian Military Space Fleet IFO base under the Northern Territory, and Jaxa investigate.

Tyrannosaurus Rex and the Cretaceous City.

Tyrannosaurus Nathanial is an intelligent dinosaur. The only intelligent dinosaur. But something happens to change that. Something that has been dampening the intelligence of all dinosaurs is suddenly turned off. They start to remember and become curious again.

Travel Wine Food

My main blog features reviews of places I've visited, food and drink I've eaten, as well as unrelated reviews and information posts.


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Consumer Products Ecommerce Entertainment Food Health & Wellness Media Retail Science Tech Travel

What I read

Anything interesting. I scan through thousands of different resources every week. I use Google to find me the latest news, sites, books, ebooks, magazines, blogs and more.

Side projects

Uncountable! Thousands of articles, hundreds of books, magazines and more.

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Generally I prefer one to one with the final decision maker.