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Netra M.

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I'm a versatile writer who writes simply for the love of writing. Most importantly, I believe that this profession helps me learn.

  • Bangalore, Karnataka, India
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Netra M.
Bangalore, Karnataka, India



With two years of experience, I now have two books published in Amazon. I also write articles for "The Investors Podcast" where I summarize books that help others to grasp the content faster.

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This site is about studying billionaires. It's excellent for someone who wants to start out as a new investor. Furthermore, since the site is full of articles and summaries of books, it gets more 50,000 people downloading the content on a monthly basis.
Creative Writer
This site is all about human connections. Whether you're getting over a breakup, or are interested to find out how men and women think in relationships, the articles posted here will be a great read.


Like Father

This book displays the relationship between a father and his son. Although the father is hardworking and tries to serve his family to the best of his abilities, circumstances get in his way and he fails to achieve his dream. The son, like his father, works hard, but this time he achieves everything


One-Eighty is a sweet book that shows how a person can transform to become a good human even if she has never attempted to do so in the past.


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