Jason W.

  • Joined January 2016

An ex-pat American in the UK. A 6-star-rated writer on WriterAccess, father of 2 young children, passionate about chocolate and podcasts.

  • Warrington, United Kingdom
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Jason W.
Warrington, United Kingdom

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I have an established history with WriterAccess, where I'm rated 6 out of 6 stars, which only 10% of writers achieve. My professional journey is otherwise filled with customer service-type roles where my writing informs/sometimes delights customers.

Work history

Guy Who Calls Smart Science People To Make Sure Their Computers Work
We run virtual interactive meetings through Adobe Connect. I help with all aspects of that. I helped write some of the website copy. The parts of the website copy you don't like - that wasn't me.
Customer Support
Dealt with a large volume of customer support requests. Delighted one customer so much by citing what I called the Chumbawumba Protocol he said the next time I'm in Sheffield he'd buy me a drink.


A Jewish Wedding Toast

An exceprt: 'Kara’s already become such a good Jew, earlier tonight she guilted me into calling my mother, who’s already here in this room. My mother, a more experienced Jew, saw me across the room, answered the phone anyway and said, ‘Fred, how come you never call me?’

A Dairy-Based Crime

My son ate a little bit of butter. I decided to write about it.

The Job That Didn't Exist

I heard about a job description that was clearly written for a specific person. I decided to apply anyway to try to win a blog's $50 prize. I was told that I (co)-won, but never received the money. I'm still a winner, in my heart.

An Etsy Order Instruction Page

A lady who sells cards on Etsy wanted a more engaging page after people placed their order.



University of Massachusetts Amherst
BA English Literature



humor copywriting public speaking


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Industries I love

Food Music Travel

What I read

Slate, Pitchfork, James Clear, Eric Barker, Helpscout, Highbrow, AV Club, NY Times, Guardian

Side projects

Amateur theatre with Encore Theatre Productions.

Ideal team

I've wound up in small start up companies more often than not, so I'm used to that environment. I like a good sense of humour, but also want to make sure I'm doing my best work and appreciate solid, specific feedback.