Nick C.

  • Joined June 2015

I founded my own digital marketing, content creation, and analytics startup at the age of 22. I love what I do.

  • Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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Nick C.
Toronto, Ontario, Canada



I spent my late teens/early 20's working in the auto industry, developing process improvements as a change agent. At the age of 22 I founded a digi-marketing, content creation, and analytics startup. I do what I love, and I love what I do.


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What I read

I've been reading a lot of poetry as of late. Bukowski and Cummings are favourites. Otherwise I enjoy the Toronto Sun, catching the NY Times online, as well as several other blogs that interest me such as the ones over at Buffer or Kissmetrics.

Side projects

I volunteered some time to work as the only Community Manager in Canada with Y-Combinator backed, microfinance startup Zidisha Inc.