Noor E.

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My name is Noor Eltahawy. I'm a digital marketer who works for a digital agency based in Long Island, NY.

  • Nassau, NY, United States
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Noor E.
Nassau, NY, United States



Graduated with degrees in Entrepreneurship and Marketing from Hofstra University. I worked for the YMCA as an engagement specialist. I then transitioned into digital marketing. I love digital marketing, and I know all businesses need marketing on the web.

Work history

Jr. Digital Marketing Manager
I assist the Digital Marketing Manager with all the tasks that needed to be accomplished within our agency, for both the agency and it's clients. Roles ranged from content curation, implementing digital marketing techniques, and to assist the whole team.
Digital Marketing Strategist
Implement digital marketing strategies: SEO, SEM, PPC, CTR, Paid Media, Social Media Marketing, Content Curation, Blogging, Analytical Analysis, Analytical Reporting, Keyword Research, HTML, CSS, Keyword Optimization, Digital Marketing, Consulting, etc.
Engagement Specialist
I engaged with the community of the YMCA. Whether they are members or potential members of the YMCA. I do my best to relay the message and the brand of the YMCA as a non-profit organization here to service the communities needs. Increase sales and brand.


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