Patrick D.

  • Joined January 2017

Full Stack web developer with eight years experience. Capable of building self-sustaining products and the teams that manage them.

  • Warren, OH, United States
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Patrick D.
Warren, OH, United States



Development Strategy Admin



Eight years building web-based products for different clients using myriad of technologies. Experience starting projects from scratch or helping existing products get over the finish line. Five years experience building teams implementing agile processes.

Work history

Director of Product Development
Oversaw the design, development and marketing of Lunarline's Cyber Security Products. Designed project plans and managed their implementation. Hired engineers and provided mentorship and career guidance. Instituted agile processes and quality assurance.
Senior Software Engineer
Designed, coded, and deployed Lunarline's first commercially available products. Implemented agile processes for their continued maintenance and support. Promoted to Director December 2014.
Contract Developer
Started before a major product launch to implement key features, fix bugs and provide guidance for deployment. Moved them from internal hosting to AWS to save on system administration. Recruited and hired a team and implemented continuous integration.
Founder, Lead Developer
Built a web application that provided historical elections data overlayed on maps using a Linux-PostgreSQL-PostGIS-Python-Django-GeoDjango-Javascript-JQuery-Google Maps stack.
Contract Developer
Joined a team of contractors to ship a fully-integrated identity management solution that included API access to eVerify and the FBI IAFIS. The mobile system used fingerprint and document scanners to collect PII for a full background check on a subject.


Vulnerability Scan Converter

VSC was Lunarline's first product available for purchase by consumers. It helps cyber security professionals build concise reports for compliance agencies by parsing data from vulnerability scanners into multiple industry standard spreadsheet formats.


Airlock is a hardening tool that applies military-grade security configurations to Windows systems in mere minutes.


Sniper is a collaborative penetration testing appliance. It uses web technologies on a MEAN stack and Intel NUC hardware that allow multiple testers to run network and vulnerability scans, chat, annotate collected data, and run exploits that penetrate vulnerable systems.


Ving is a continuously integrated, Linux-Nginx-PostgreSQL-Python-Django web application deployed on Amazon Web Services. Users can use it to send messages with text, video and audio and multiple levels of analytics, including surveys to ensure the message was understood and acted upon.


FreeVerse is currently a simple landing page, but uses continuous deployment with technologies like NodeJS, Docker, Git and Jenkins. Eventually, it will be a marketplace that connects one-on-one conversations between Internet creators and their audience.


A Python-Django-GeoDjango-PostGIS web application that overlayed historical elections data on Google Maps with granularity to the precinct level, enabling political campaigns to experience unprecedented data precision at a fraction of the cost of similar solutions.



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B.S. Information Technology




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product management web development devops ui/ux design sysadmin recruiting market research interviewing communication continuous deployment


Python Javascript C# Jenkins Atlassian Suite Git/GitHub IFTTT YouTube Twitter API Buffer Django AngularJS .Net Express PostgreSQL


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