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Community manager and content creator specializing in the gaming industry looking to expand my scope.

  • Chicago, IL, United States
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Patsy A.
Chicago, IL, United States



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In 2007 I began as a volunteer for what is now known as the ZAM Network. ZAM is a popular gaming network catering to the MMORPG crowd, specializing in a wiki-database hybrid. From there, I have worked in both community and news professionally.

Work history

News Editor
Created custom news stories relating to MMOGs where I could inject my own personal gaming experience to create unique content beyond regurgitating press releases.
Associate Community Manager
Wrote informal press releases and news announcements to announce partnerships with Gamepedia. I also built the social media presence for Gamepedia from the ground up.
Community Representative
Community Representative for the largest MMORPG launch in history, STAR WARS: The Old Republic. Before launch, I was one of the two team trainers to double team size prior to the game's launch, where we managed a community of several million users.
PK Safety Supply
Marketing and Fulfillment Specialist
On the marketing side of things, my roles included writing original copy for our A/B test site to see how it would compare in rankings against our main site.


Allegro Knee Pads Copy

My curiosity lead to a discovery that these knee pads were made out of the same material as hockey gear. Adding in this tidbit allowed the A/B test site to outrank the main site.

Ten Ton Hammer profile link

My user page for Ten Ton Hammer, where I was the News Editor.

Gamepedia profile link

My user page for Gamepedia, where I was the Associate Community Manager and Lead Content Writer.

New Player Help Directory, SWTOR forums

A directory of helpful threads I created for the STAR WARS: The Old Republic New Player Help forum when I was a Community Representative.



Floridia Atlantic University, Boca Raton, FL
Bachelor of Arts degree in Museum Education, with minors in Art History and Women's Studies



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Industries I love

Gaming Health & Wellness Music

What I read

My Reddit front page is a wonderfully curated news aggregate, with a good dose of cat gifs in between to break up the monotony. I have a large collection of books, ranging from cooking to fantasy to graphic novels.

Side projects

Since 2011, I have helped friends with social media strategies. Recently, a few friends have gotten together with myself to create a community focused social media team.

Ideal team

I have a more laid back personality, which I feel is better suited with small teams and startups. I can work with a variety of management styles and am pretty adaptable.