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Billie T.

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I'm an experienced software developer that specialises in PHP, Docker, Kubernetes and ElasticSearch.

  • London, United Kingdom
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Billie T.
London, United Kingdom






Billie Thompson is a Software Developer with experience in multiple languages. She has lead and architected projects, as well as having used Agile development techniques.
She specialises in Docker, ElasticSearch, Kubernetes and PHP.

Work history

Lead Developer on API Factory
I helped lead and train up a team of 5 developers, 1 senior dev and 3 juniors. We developed an application in Dropwizard using a Microservices architecture. We used agile development practices, used TDD, BDD, and considered API Discovery techniques.
Senior Developer
During my time at Sainsburys Entertainment my primary role was developing the API for an Ebooks platform in Slim. It exposed a RESTful API. I also moved data via RabbitMQ to ElasticSearch. We used Scrum and BDD.
Software Developer & DevOps Engineer
Developed a PHP applications using Symfony, NodeJS applications using Express, and San Akka. I had to develop a search using ElasticSearch. I also used puppet to manage servers in VCloud Director.
Software Developer at GoViral
I developed an application in Storm (a parallel processing framework), which interacted with MongoDB and used PHP workers. As this was a revenue affecting system there was a focus on ensuring resilience and performance in the system.
Software Developer
During my time at Orange Digital I primarily worked on the site that revealed the EE brand, This site was built using Symfony2 with MongoDB to store data.
My job was to design and develop I developed in Java using Spring MVC, Maven 2, Hibernate and MySQL running using Tomcat. The development took two forms, extending the e-commerce platform Broadleaf.
The majority of my development work involved interacting with the OpenBet Sportsbook product from PHP, via NodeJS workers, which fed into RabbitMQ queues, and talked to an XML Based API. We used Agile methodologies, TDD and BDD.
Industrial Year Developer
I maintained the Control Panels for Gradwell's products. These were written in PHP and SQL. I also developed a Voicemail to Text service. That project used the SpinVox speech to text API using Perl and an Asterisk PBX.



Aberystwyth University
Computer Science B.Sc 2.1



PHP Programming BDD TDD Node.JS Devops java Node.js public speaking blogging


Github Silex Symfony Behat Cucumber PHPSpec PHPUnit Dropwizard Express Elasticsearch Postgresql mysql mongodb Kubernetes Docker


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What I read

I love trashy Sci Fi novels with lots of space battles in, or detective novels set in Urban Fantasy universes

Side projects

I made a Rails & MongoDB app that let me cheat at scrabble, because a friend kept beating me! I put in the letters I had and the space on the board, and it'd tell me the highest value words. It worked great.

Ideal team

I love working in an agile manner, with small focused teams who love to be driven by customer needs.