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Rachel B.

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  • Joined February 2019

I am a trades journalist and content specialist. My experience suite includes cybersecurity, distributions, architecture, B2B, and martech.

  • Nashville, TN, USA
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Rachel B.
Nashville, TN, USA



I have worked with media companies like Global Market Media (US-China trade relations, Shanghai/New York office) and Sitejabber in consumer reports. I have also been a content specialist for brands within the nDash content community network.

Work history

Contracting Reporter
I did consumer report briefs for this company.
PR reportage
I did this press release for an AI source for writer's digital background research. This was early in the company's journey. It has not moved to reap research brief material from Reddit, and more forums.
Freelance Journalist/Content Specialist
This is a platform that connects brands with freelance talent. I am the on-call/non-residential reporter for Sound Choice Pharmaceutical through this platform. I also do security projects for Responsify.


Sitejabber consumer reports

Coverage based on my network relationship to US-China relations. Available for proof only upon request.

PR and reportage various nonprofits

I have offered the World Health Organization sourced PR and reportage for various Sub-Saharan African relief missions.

Global Market Media

Various research briefs. I covered trade reportage during the US-China trade relations attrition crisis_when it first escalated post the Trump-Jinping talks. Examples are available upon request.


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