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Rachel M.

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Freelance blog writer. Freelance editor. Freelance content creator.

  • Lynchburg, VA, USA
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Rachel M.
Lynchburg, VA, USA



I have had a multitude of writing and editing experiences. I have had to utilize formal and professional writing through documentation as a mental health clinician and as a teacher. I have had to utilize informal writing through my own personal blog.

Work history

Personal Blogger
I am a personal blogger for my own travel blog. Through this blog I hope to reach a generic audience by offering budget friendly travel tips. I completed the website development myself for the blog. I utilize SEO and social media to market.
Rachel Leann Photography
Freelance Photographerr
I am a freelance photographer for my own photography business, specializing in event and portrait photography. I promote this through social media primarily. I do complete my own editing through Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom.


Our Beachy Keen Lives - Personal Blog

Provided will be a link to my personal blog. It is on a Wordpress website which I completed the coding and website development for myself. I have completed all of my own editing, and all of the photography featured is my own. I also completed all of the content development and research.

Rachel Leann Photography - Freelance Photography Business

Provided is the link to my photography page on social media. I created my own logo, and all of the editing is completed myself. I also provide all of the marketing myself through social media promotions.


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