Ransom P.

  • Joined February 2016

Freelance content writer and editor based in Nashville, TN. I take care of the content writing so you can focus on your business.

  • Nashville, TN, United States
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Ransom P.
Nashville, TN, United States



Copywriting Content Marketing



I've written articles for a college blog, edited content for a personal development blog, and written emails and articles for a franchise lead generation company.

Work history

I write articles that help college students study, learn, and live more effectively. I also create graphics and handle basic SEO for my posts, using WordPress to create publish the final articles.
Brand Journalists
I write articles and emails to generate leads for franchises such as SONIC, Tony Roma's, and Thai Express. Examples of content include franchisee profiles, the benefits of franchise ownership, and how the franchise stands out from the competition.
Content Editor
I edited blog posts and emails on the topics of habit building, self-improvement, and business building. I helped the author improve the grammar, clarity, and focus of his writing, making sure it was tailored to his target audience's wants and needs.


The Ultimate Guide to Freelancing in College

A guide that explains how college students can start freelancing to earn extra money on the side. I created example pitches, described the skills necessary for freelancing, and included a list of further resources to help readers put the article into action.

SONIC is Bringing Back Vintage Favorites

An article that explains how the SONIC brand remains committed to its roots while continuing to innovate in its menu offerings. The article educates prospects on the benefits of SONIC franchise ownership and encourages them to download a lead magnet that adds them to the customer acquisition funnel.

Stop Networking, Make Friends Instead

I edited this post to make it clearer and more concise. I changed the structure to make the post easier to read, and I helped the author write a conclusion to give the post a satisfying, motivating ending.



Bachelor of Arts in English




Native or bilingual proficiency


Professional working proficiency


writing copywriting blogging content creation content marketing


Wordpress Yoast Photoshop Pablo Mailchimp Buffer Basecamp IFTTT Meetup Trello Asana Slack Zapier Canva Squarespace


Not seeking work


  • Available during business hours only


  • Can work 30hrs per week
  • Can commit to 1+ years


Industries I love

Advertising & Marketing Education Media

What I read

Farnam Street Blog Nat Eliason.com Books on psychology, personal development, and travel. I'm also a big reader of literary fiction.

Side projects

On the side, I write creative nonfiction and blog about my travels.

Ideal team

My ideal team would be small. I like working with solopreneurs, especially those in the areas of self-improvement and travel. I like clients who give me general guidelines and let me inject my creativity into the work.