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I create editorial content for agencies, consumer and b2b publications, case studies, audience personas, plus SEO and backlink research.

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Riki M.
Austin, TX

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I started out as a print magazine editor in NYC and when that industry began heading toward obscurity, I brought my skills into the 21st century. Today, I'm a content specialist with health and fintech marketing agencies and internet startups.

CloudPeep clients

Ongoing editorial and optimization assistance
Jul 2017 to Oct 2018

Work history

Research Editor
I'm still a monthly contributing editor for two of the remaining Seven Sisters magazines. I provide original reporting, editing, and am a liaison to Hearst's legal department.
Research Editor
After the print edition folded in 2016, I remained on staff as a contributing research editor. I provide original reporting and editing on long-form articles.
Search & Convert
Content Specialist
I create original content for the web, write and edit landing page copy, help create video scripts, develop backlink opportunities, and optimize client blogs for SEO.
Content Specialist
I write and edit landing page and blog post content, SEO optimization, and create backlink opportunities.
Persona Writer
I create comprehensive and summary personals that aim to define a population. Clients include political lobby groups, grassroots civic organizations, startup app companies.
I create executive summaries for companies that are introducing products and want to identify competition in their category. I provide original research and product history and descriptions, founder biographies, and social media audit.
Content Specialist
Create and edit content for backlinks and blogs, oversee blog SEO optimization, write and edit homepage and landing pages.
Sales Engine
Wrote thought leadership papers for inbound marketing. Created content for the SAAS, cloud technology, and human resources industries.

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Cathy Garrard

I have been assigning magazine work to Riki for several years, and she always meets her deadlines and takes every project very seriously. She is consistently willing to take on large projects at the last minute, even when she knows there will be a quick turn-around time. She is reliable, thorough and committed.

Rob Contreras

I was introduced to Riki when I needed a content writer for our biggest client. Not only was Riki amazing at synthesizing our brand strategy, but she also made herself available to speak directly with our client. This enhanced our project deliverable because she was willing to go the extra mile. Outstanding professionalism, fast turnaround, and a great collaborator. She gets the business world, which translates to content consumers want to read. Highly recommend.

danielle devereux

Riki is an excellent copywriter & editor with a keen eye for detail and meaning.She does a great job at immersing herself in your niche and getting straight to work.

PJ Christie

I have worked with Riki Markowitz on at least 20 projects since 2012. Professionally she is an ideal remote colleague available in Slack and email, with a broad knowledge of content, link building, research, and strategy. I have trusted her with my clients, my business, and as a friend. She has high ethical standards too, give her a shot.


The Hidden Tax: Appraisal Hikes Pricing Out Area Residents

I interviewed leaders in Austin's real estate industry to shine a light on the lack of transparency regarding property tax assessment in Travis County. It leads to unexpectedly high property taxes and has resulted in alienating populations from becoming homeowners in the popular Central Texas city.

The Race to Save Benjamin Franklin's Cracked Gravestone

I interviewed Philadelphia's renown architecture and art restoration expert, Marco Federico, and got the inside story on how Benjamin Franklin's 200-year-old, 1,000-pound gravestone was nearly irrevocably damaged - and nearly removed from public view. A main cause of the damage? Mostly pennies.

Why is my skin so itchy? Presented by Vaseline Mature Skin Rejuvenation

A trio of sponsored articles for Vaseline Intensive Care. The advertorials appeared in the January, February, and March 2017 issues of Good Housekeeping magazine.

Avoid Bad Park Reviews with These Simple Tips

An article for RV park owners with tips and suggestions for avoiding those dreaded one, two, or three star ratings and reviews from visitors.

Backlink Building

For the purpose of creating backlink opportunities, I wrote original blog post content and short articles for TradeStops.com, a fintech company that helps subscribers increase their stock market profits.

Centraforce health logo 2016

Metro Moms and Dads: Parents of Tweens & Teens

Population persona for initiating a grassroots, anti-teen-pregnancy campaign in Houston, Texas.



English, B.A.
Continuing Education; European History
Continuing Education; Technical Writing




Native or bilingual proficiency


blogging communications content strategy copywriting editing reporting research fact check proofreading marketing content


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Industries I love

Advertising & Marketing Entertainment Health & Wellness Real Estate & Property

What I read

Current events, biographies, history books, magazine, and blogs

Side projects

I'm a graduate of the Austin Citizens Police Academy and current volunteer with the APD.

Ideal team

Management style: collaboration, trust and autonomy. Culture: creatively and intellectually fearless. Chemistry: we have it.