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Robbin T.

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  • Joined January 2019

Unity programmer with three years of experience in professional game development.

  • Falköping, Sverige
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Robbin T.
Falköping, Sverige



I've been working in the games industry for the last three years. The games I've made range from mobile games to VR/AR applications. I've developed multiple products from idea to release.

Work history

Swift Tech Interactive
Programmer / Lead programmer
Swift Tech Interactive makes games and similar for amusement facilities.
ICYou AB makes mobile games for football (soccer) fans. The games are licensed for some of the biggest football clubs in the world, with assets tailored for each team.


Interactive Bowling

Interactive Bowling is a product for bowling alleys. It renders cool effects that follows the bowling balls on the lanes.


SimVision is a VR game for amusement facilities (e.g. action centers). It's a collection of mini games in different settings, such as sci-fi or western.


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