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Rob M.

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Rob is a Web Designer & Developer with 6+ years of experience in creating outstanding marketing and SaaS solutions.

  • New York / Toronto
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Rob M.
New York / Toronto

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I help teams build products, websites, and other assets that provide a better experience for their fans and customers, helping them achieve their most valuable business goals.

Work history

UI/Web Consultant and Designer
Lead the redesign and development of Consulted on the redesign of the Woobox SaaS marketing platform. Aided in the development of a variety of marketing related collateral.
UI/Web Consultant and Designer
Responsible for launching FirstFactory's updated website, including all front-end development, visual design, and copywriting. Worked closely with the CEO on the design of a new SaaS service, the creation of marketing collateral, and a number of projects.
UI/UX Consultant
Worked with ActionSprout's CEO in the development of a new (proposed) dashboard and user motivation system.
Designed and developed a Book in a Box client website under a tight timeline. Worked closely with the BIAB team in defining project goals and managing client relations. Resulting Wordpress website was highly customizable, with extensive documentation.
Webdesigner and Consultant
Worked with numerous clients on their online marketing systems, including the design and development of Wordpress and Squarespace websites.

Reviews and references


Jason T. Roff

Rob has been incredibly helpful. His work on our initial engagement was above and beyond what I expected, which is why we’ve turned to him again-and-again. His design/UX skills were just what my team needed to execute on a number of key projects. I firmly trust him to understand our requirements and ask probing questions that get to the heart of any project. We've been very happy with his contribution!

Charlie Hoehn

Rob is the ultimate combination: a fantastic web designer, a reliable and airtight coder, and a professional freelancer. Finding a developer who can just do ONE of those things (especially reliable coding or good UX) is hard enough as it is -- it's next to impossible to find someone who's good at all three. What makes Rob different from most independent contractors is his professionalism. I've recommended his services to dozens of people, because I know he'll take good care of them. Hire him!


Agency Website (Strategy, Design, Content, Front-End Development)

This redesign of the First Factory agency website involved extensive client and team research that informed everything from the visual aesthetic, to the user flow, to the writing of the copy. I personally handled all visual design, copywriting, front-end development, and photography direction.

Dashboard UI/UX

This engagement focused on developing concepts to improve a user dashboard system, bringing it more into alignment with the client's product philosophy, as well as mitigating some long-standing issues.

Explosive Growth: Book Marketing Website (Design, Development, Wordpress)

With the imminent release of the Explosive Growth book, I worked closely with Book in a Box (the company overseeing the project) to design, develop, and launch this highly customized and modular Wordpress website on a tight two-week deadline.

Solar Non-Profit Website (Design, Front-End Development, Squarespace)

I built and designed a new Squarespace website to help SunSaluter further its mission of spreading its SunSaluter technology to the people who need it most.


An overview of my illustrative services. I embrace an approach of selecting the style or methodlogy appropriate to whatever my end goal is, be that goal creating "art", creating communicative graphics, or something else entirely. I commonly pair illustration services with my front-end and UX work.


I’ve worked on many Wordpress projects, from marketing sites to ecommerce. In these projects my role is often both developer and designer, in addition to whatever business or strategy consulting role may be packaged with the project. Here I provide an overview of my approach and contributions.






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conversion rate optimization design digital marketing web design content strategy HTML CSS product strategy wordpress ux


Wordpress Slack Basecamp Sketch Photoshop Illustrator Github Google Analytics Sublime-Text Squarespace


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Banking & Finance Consumer Products Ecommerce Education Science Social Enterprise Tech Travel Venture Capital

What I read

Books // The Big Short, Boyd: The Fighter Pilot Who Changed the Art of War, Shogun, Dying Every Day: Seneca at the Court of Nero, The Ancestor's Tale: A Pilgrimage to the Dawn of Life, AntiFragile, River Town: Two Years on the Yangtze