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Roddy G.

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Professional writer offering content creation and editing services. For more about me and my work, please visit

  • Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States
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Roddy G.
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States



I have worked in a number of industries, but have continued to develop content in all of them. As such, I have written and edited in a number of genres and have an eclectic background which lends itself to many projects.

Work history

Curate Creative
Creative Consultant
Curate Creative is a hands-on creative consulting group that focuses on building brands through solutions that can be self-managed. I assisted with concept, branding and identity. Along with content creation, promotion and various aspects of marketing.
Contributing Writer
Covered the latest businesses and events in San Diego.
Community Management Consultant
- Generated interest in, and further built the online community - Implemented various strategies to increase online exposure - Oversaw social media platform direction


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I hate to sound cliche', but a cup of coffee and a computer will just about do it.