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Rowena B.

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  • Joined June 2016

I am an experienced digital marketer for start-ups, passionate about optimized traffic acquisition and growth, web analytics and CRO.

  • Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
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Rowena B.
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia



I am a Digital Marketer for 2 SaaS companies. I do full-­stack marketing with a strong focus on digital channels ­ working largely on web and newsletter content. I also manage digital lead marketing campaigns to optimise our customer acquisition strategy.

Work history

Digital Marketing Consultant
-Liaise with a variety of writers/journalists to ensure production of rich targeted content -Optimize marketing automation and lead nurturing processes through email, content, and social channels -Measure results and optimize customer acquisition
Digital Marketing Consultant
Did audience and keyword research and analysis Advised on-page optimization recommendations to get the best out of clients' websites Performed Google Analytics analysis Conducted link prospecting and building, competitive link analysis, localSEO
The Athena Network
- Focused on managing the online CRM systems, as well as implementing new ideas and techniques to optimise customer values - Implemented content marketing and social media distribution, working closely with our writers


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