Ryan K.

  • Joined June 2015

Content specialist focused on building out content - from PR to white papers to blogs - for small businesses and startups.

  • Baltimore, MD, United States
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Ryan K.
Baltimore, MD, United States



Lead editor for a retail investment website and newsletter, then turned freelancer. Recently wrapped up a long-term contract for an real estate investment crowdfunding platform - writing ebooks, white papers, press releases, syndication, and editorial.

Work history

Investor Educator
Created content for various channels and audiences. I often aimed at educating investors on crowdfunding, investment basics, and commercial real estate. Created, edited website copy. Collaborated on messaging strategy.
Managing Editor
Editor for a team of writes populating content for a website vertical, newsletter, and premium financial service.


Not seeking work


  • Available evenings and weekends


  • Can work 20hrs per week
  • Can commit to 6 months to 1 year


What I read

Anything and everything that will make me better at what I do and who I am. On my reading list today: Norman's "The Design of Everyday Things"; Hofstadter's "Godel, Escher, Bach"; Montaigne's "Essays"; and Wheelan's "Naked Statistics."

Side projects

At the moment, I'm building up skills in data analysis with an eye towards how huge piles of information can make content more effective. Intuition is great and all, but hard facts are better.