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Sahail A.

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I'm Sahail. I write content for brands. For the last ten years, I've been creating content that attracts, engages and converts. Want some?

  • Torquay, UK
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Sahail A.
Torquay, UK



I started creating content for singe entrepreneurs, then started branching out with work for larger brands like Citroen. Right now, I create content for mid-size brands, with my most exciting work being at

Work history

Lead Blogger
I have been Lead Blogger for Locowise for some time now. All content has helped the brand reach it's income and growth goals.
The Next Web
Get Rich Or Die Mining
Work for one of the biggest tech magazines online.


How Facebook Will Take Over Influencer Marketing

A full and detailed consideration of Influencers, created for

Get Ripped Or Die Mining

A piece on Bitcoin and a unique way of getting it. For The Next Web. The piece has over 2,600 shares.


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