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Full-stack engineer with 6 plus years of experience in a corporate and start-up environments.

  • Edmonton, AB, Canada
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Sahir M.
Edmonton, AB, Canada

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I started my professional career with building an iOS app. Since then I have built and love building mobile apps, web apps, hybrid apps and desktop apps. What started out as a nervous move has turned me into a Full Stack Software Engineer :-)

Work history

StarMobile, Inc.
Software Engineer
Worked with a team on projects ranging from web application to APIs to mobile applications. Solely developed a web based dashboard application. Developed a Windows 10 UWP app.
Co-Founder & Software Engineer
As co-founder of the company, I was in charge of all infrastructure such as hardware, application deployments. I also developed apps on iOS, Android, ASP.NET MVC, Ionic and Python Django platforms.
Traction Engineer
Worked on a team of 6 to design and implement a social media engaging images tool used by the public. Additionally, coordinated with other engineers to fix bugs and enhance features.
University of Alberta
Solutions Analyst
Created web applications along with iOS and Android applications. I co-developed the University of Alberta official iOS and Android app, uAlberta. I also developed the University of Alberta Emergency Notification system, Red Alert.


Dashboard web 1

StarMobile Dashboard

Built a Node.js backed API and web application with Backbone on the front-end. Used Highcharts library to visualize StarMobile data. API uses PostgresSQL for database and Redis for catching. Hosted entirely on Amazon Web Services.

Pablo by buffer

Pablo by Buffer (v1)

I had an amazing opportunity to join Buffer and create an amazing application as a Traction Engineer. With some help from my colleagues we created Pablo - a social media engaging images tool.

Writeoften web 2

Write Often

There is no greater satisfaction I get than implementing my own solution. Few years ago I decided I wanted to improve my writing. After searching the web for solution I found none that I captured my attention. So, I decided I would design my own application and implement it.


Worked with a team of amazing developers and designer we created a simulator for helping students learn neuroscience concepts.



BSc, Specialization in Computing Science




Native or bilingual proficiency


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Industries I love

Tech Real Estate & Property Retail Travel

What I read

Amazing work by Brandon Sanderson

Side projects

Lunar App, My Reminders and Write Often

Ideal team

I love working with a team of different personalities. I love having constructive discussions. Everyone is different and brings different things to table so it is okay if they don't know something. There are lots of things I have yet to learn.