Samara T.

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I am a mid-twenties girl, who has a passion for traveling, writing, blogging, and being a freelancer.

  • Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
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Samara T.
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada



I have worked as a Volunteer Coordinator, Events Coordinator, Administrative Assistant, and Events Assistant. I am currently working as a blogger, and freelancer, while trying to become a Virtual Assistant on the side.


Not seeking work


  • Available evenings and weekends


What I read

I read for both. I research a lot, so I am always reading for that, but I also love to read for pleasure while on vacation, or in my free time.

Side projects

I am a Guest Blogger for Our Small Hours Blog. I have been involved in building a blog from scratch, creating posts, social media graphics, pages. I have managed and created multiple social media pages.