Kristin D.

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Personal and Business Branding Consultant and Marketing Strategist. Helping you to brand yourself, better.

  • Toronto, Ontario Canada
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Kristin D.
Toronto, Ontario Canada

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Content Marketing Growth Strategy Paid Advertising



I was born in Silicon Valley and grew up addicted to technology and innovation. I saw the failure and success of startups based on their brand and growth strategies. I love working with companies and individuals, helping them realize their potential.

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President & Founder
Manager: Marketing & Growth


Brands are Like Children

Blog from SculptedBuzz

gatherr - Business brand, overview and site

As an example of my work, please visit Gatherr is a visual and Instagram marketing company. I created the brand name, aesthetics, overview and built the site singlehandedly for the client based on a WordPress template. I worked with an external designer to create the business logo.



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Advertising & Marketing Kids & Parenting Philanthropy Social Enterprise Tech

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I am committed to bringing events and philanthropy together for companies striving to make a difference. In order to prove the case, I created the following event and team.