Shannon M.

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Content Marketing Strategist, Writer & SEO expert. 8 yrs in communications, digital marketing &advertising. Passionate. Innovatve. Driven

  • Boston, MA, United States
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Shannon M.
Boston, MA, United States



Journalism School Graduate > Blogger > Advertising Assistant & Writer > Internet Sales Specialist (Media) > Regional Marketing Consultant > Inbound Marketing Consultant (HubSpot) > Freelance Writer/SEO Consult > Content Marketing Manager > Publisher


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What I read

Better Q would be what don't I read? Forbes, NYT, Business Insider, VideoInk, SEOMoz, Neil Patel, ProBlogger, DailyWorth, PureWow, GalaDarling, The Next Web, Search Engine Land...

Side projects

I am hugely passionate about video as a content medium and the unexplored possibilities for discovery and SEO by many businesses. I write for video marketing blogs and published a 30+ Video SEO e-book.