Sierra K.

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I am a Social Media Strategist with an equal passion for writing. I have worked in several industries, with successful strategies for each.

  • Tallahassee, FL, United States
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Sierra K.
Tallahassee, FL, United States



My professional journey began with writing for an online magazine called From there, I have written and managed social media accounts for several different brands.

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Freelance Writer
Brand Ambassador
Content Manager


5 Ways That Smartphones Are Affecting The Health Industry

At first you may not see how this has a direct relationship to medical care, but the high usage of smartphones has already had several notable affects on the health industry.

Curating the City: The 5×5 Project Returns

There are surprises in store for all eight wards with the start of DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities 5×5 Project.The project involves five curators who each choose five artists to prepare works of art that are displayed all over the city.

How To Boost Your Online Reputation As A Physician

Statistics show that social media affects 41% of consumers decisions when choosing a particular doctor, hospital, or private practice.


A positive attitude and a notebook will go a long way, but here are additional tips to remember during your internship.

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Paid Facebook Campaign 1

I created a paid Facebook ad campaign where I carefully selected demographic and psychographic information in order to define a target market to increase average newsletter sign-ups (<5/month). The result was increased website clicks (26) and newsletter sign-ups (21) in less than 1 week.

Marketing strategy

Marketing Strategy

My client wanted to increase her overall readership. I created a targeted paid Facebook campaign centered around an article that would most appeal to her target audience. The result was increased reach, engagement, and impressions.


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