Pavithra P.

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Freelance writer [B2B Marketing | tech | travel ]

  • Colombo, Western Province, Sri Lanka
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Pavithra P.
Colombo, Western Province, Sri Lanka

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Pavithra has been a freelance writer for more than two years helping several companies on an array of topics.

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Top 12 Attractions Not To Miss In Colombo
top 12 attractions not to miss in Colombo


Developing A Brand Voice | With Practical Tips On How To Use It

Finding the right brand voice for your business is not simple at all. There are so many factors to consider.Even after you discover your brand voice the struggle won’t over. Then, you’ll have to think creatively and strategically,to find ways to include your brand voice in your writing style.

5 Proven Psychological Pricing Strategies You Need To Try

To attract, convince, and convert more people to pay, is mainly to understand the art of psychological pricing.Here are 5 psychological pricing strategies you can use to price your offer strategically.

How to know your social media strategy is working?

Though it’s challenging to measure every aspect of your social media strategy there are many ways to find out the success of social media strategy.Here are three effective ways you can use to find out your social media strategy is working or not.


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