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Stacie V.

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I am a passionate entrepreneur who loves to bring brands to life online through dynamic websites, social media, and digital marketing.

  • Boulder, CO, United States
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Stacie V.
Boulder, CO, United States

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I started my career as an Interior Designer, progressed into field sales as a territory manager, worked with a marketing company as a Director of Business Development, and now own my digital freelance business.

Work history

I currently own my own web design and business development company that focuses on helping small businesses develop their digital brand and build a marketing plan for success.
Senior Account Coordinator
I managed a small graphic design and packaging agency, where I worked with large clients such as Walmart, Harmons, and Materne NA. My duties included managing all client relations, overseeing the graphic design team, and developing new business.
Director of Business Development
I worked for a marketing agency that contracted with Walmart and their suppliers to support in store marketing promotions. I managed marketing solutions with Fortune 500 companies and brought in over $2M in revenue in 6 months.
Designer & Content Manager
I worked with the owner to bring the brand to life online through a beautiful website and updated imagery. I also managed all of the content, speaker bios, and organization.


Project Goals: To update the design and copy of Tara’s site so that it accurately portrays her brand.

Health System Redesign Solutions

Project Goals: Create a website for Elaine’s resume, credentials, and contact information. The site will function as a platform for Elaine’s consulting business Health System Redesign Solutions.

Project Goals: Create a website that portrays Erin’s personality and her achievements to inspire other people to strive for the same success. The site will also serve as a platform for all social media, online marketing, and digital assets (photos, videos, etc)

Project Goals: Create a website that functions as a marketplace for Mankind Edibles products, as well as a resource for people interested in purchasing from a local retailer. The site will need to include a place for patients to log in and provide patient verification information.

I created a website that is in line with Zack Giffin’s personal brand while showcasing his many talents. The website is a place for Zack’s Tiny Home videos, tv show, ski videos, and news articles. “Stacie took my vision and made it happen. The experience was enjoyable all the way through!"

DSB Events & Talent Website

This site needed better organization for the user to easily navigate through the hundreds of speaker profiles to set them apart from the competition. The new DSB brand also needed better imagery and content.



University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Bachelors of Science-Design



business leadership Training project management Website Design coaching sales branding business development digital marketing public speaking blogger outreach web design


Powerpoint Microsoft Office Adobe Photoshop Lightroom podcasts Wordpress Google Docs google hangout iMovie


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Industries I love

Advertising & Marketing Events Health & Wellness Travel Philanthropy

What I read

Right now Brene Brown's books are on my nightstand and in my carry on.

Side projects

I have worked with a few non-profits and find it to be very rewarding. In 2014, I created an online summit with 13 guest speakers from all over the world. It was titled the "Live Big" summit and I found it to be very rewarding.

Ideal team

I love working with small businesses because I am able to provide them with one-on-one services that they wouldn't be able to get with a large agency. I also enjoy using my years of experience in the business world to coach small business owners.