Stephanie S.

  • Joined December 2016

Extremely organized and enthusiastic virtual assistant with experience in various industries and completing a wide range of tasks.

  • Milwaukee, WI, United States
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Stephanie S.
Milwaukee, WI, United States



My career has always had a focus on making the lives of my clients easier while putting forth top notch work. I continue to challenge myself by working in different industries and developing a well-rounded portfolio of experience.

Work history

Project Manager / Marketing
Oversaw the rebranding and redesign of the company website. Managed the editorial calendar and social media channels for the company, ensuring the voice and consistency of their content stayed on track.
Operations Manager
Coordinate promotional events at local venues. Design and schedule all email blasts through Mailchimp. Oversee one-off projects like coordinating the production educational videos.
Blazing Creative
Podcast Co-host & Editor
Edit all podcast episodes. Coordinate guests.


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