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Hey! I'm an aspiring author/entrepreneur who specializes in email marketing, copy-writing, and content creation. I'm overly dedicated.

  • Miami, FL, United States
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Stephen S.
Miami, FL, United States



Email Copywriting Marketing Content Growth



I went to law school and held down a couple legal jobs, but HATED it. After that I lived in China for 6 months teaching English while I ran my online business (which was called Honest Pick-Up, now it's called CharismaVerts.)

Work history

Head of Email Marketing/Sales/Content Creation
These are online businesses I've been running for about a year. I'm responsible for the site's content creation, the email marketing campaigns, and the sales pages for the various products we've put out.
Kid's Harbor English Club
English Teacher
I was an English teacher in China. Why is this important? Because the time I spent over there dealing with millions and millions of people who didn't speak a word of English...have made me confident I can communicate with anyone about anything.
Friedman, Rodman, and Frank
Legal Clerk
This is a law firm I worked at where I was responsible for writing and researching all kinds of legal documents. If you can slog through this type of work, creating enjoyable content and marketing funnels is a piece of cake.


How to Build Confidence Like a Bodybuilder

This is a guest post I wrote for a site called about building up your "confidence muscles." It did really well and got our business a ton of email subscribers and a couple coaching clients.

Why "Not Giving a Fuck" is So Attractive

This one might not be for everyone. It's a piece I wrote about a guy I met in Shanghai who was so uninhibited and free that I couldn't help but be drawn to him and want to learn more about how he got this way. Post was big on reddit and then I turned it into a guest post.

How to Date Taller Women (Without Feeling Insecure)

This is a guest post I wrote for Brock Mcgoff at The Modest Man. His audience really seemed to like it and I got a ton of traffic from it. As you can see, most of my articles have focused on males and building confidence/communication skills/charm.



University of Miami School of Law
University of Florida, Warrington School of Business



blogger outreach blogging content creation content curation content marketing copywriting direct marketing editing email marketing newsletters


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Industries I love

Advertising & Marketing Education Professional Services Travel

What I read,, I read all kinds of books, from marketing books (Gonzo Marketing, Permission Marketing) to self-help/personal development, to fiction books (love Harry Potter and John Grisham)

Side projects

Two online businesses where we've had multiple product launches. Have been a part of Tam Pham's book launch that turned into a best-seller.

Ideal team

I like working individually or in small groups. I love working with clients/managers who are open minded, willing to put in long hours and hard work without getting stressed, and creative, original, and courageous thinkers.