Stephanie B.

  • Joined January 2015

I am social, creative, fun, and believe that there are very few things that could ever stop me. Pretty sure only dragons could stop me.

  • Los Angeles, CA, United States
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Stephanie B.
Los Angeles, CA, United States



I've been a Community Manager and Social Media professional for communities big and small - from Millions to hundreds, and no matter what the size, I manage to build relationships and happy memories.


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What I read

I find between AllTop and Reddit, I can find basically a story about any topic I want on the web - cross-referenced with novels, books on neuroscience, and graphic novels/comics, Martha Stewart Living... this is what makes me well rounded and unique.

Side projects

I enjoy playing video games, planning parties, am always working on new craft projects (all about the DIY), learning new hairstyles, love creating my own Disneybounding looks, and want to work on doing more videos, streaming, and editing this year.