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Facebook Ads consultant from sunny Australia. Live, breathe and love advanced Facebook targeting, segmentation and split testing.

  • Melbourne, Australia
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Steve F.
Melbourne, Australia



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Started in eCommerce in 2014, ran Facebook Ads, got great at FB Ads. Started client work in 2015. Got even better with FB ads. Got killer ROI on ad spend (10x) using advanced targeting. Exp in Govt work, eCommerce, lead gen and local business marketing.

CloudPeep clients

Facebook Ads manager
Jun 2016 to Jun 2016

Work history

Facebook digital marketing agency. For customers who want to maximise ROI on Facebook Ad spend. Agency is still in its infancy however client work has been forthcoming in local lead gen.
Marketing Manager
Advanced customer acquisition for eCommerce/Subscription Commerce company. Gained ROI of 10x Ad spend over life of client account. Responsible for all ad creative and landing page optimisation (on Squarespace)


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Remarketing Campaign for The Whisky Order

This was a basic remarketing campaign for The Whisky Order. Based on all past web traffic + email lists. Using a carousel ad + high quality images lead to hight ad engagement. Cheeky Ad copy also was appealing to general traffic. This campaign performed extremely well, converting 4-5x ad spend.

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Direct Ad's campaign for The Whisky Order

Using a lookalike audience based on converted customers combined with interest and exclusion targeting leads to high performance + engagement on ads. This ad was using CTW objective and outperformed all other campaigns. Generated $7,000 + in rev for $800 total ad spend.



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Change Management for Australian Government Aged Care teams
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