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The hardest thing to come by in business is a good idea, especially when it comes to social media. Luckily, I've got a couple good ideas :)

  • Chicago, IL, United States
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Steven D.
Chicago, IL, United States

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Most people know me as the "Social Media" growth hack because I added 500,000 followers to my company's Facebook page in under 2yrs. Truthfully, it's not that hard to grow your social media footprint, as long as you’re implementing the right principles.

Work history

Marketing and Social Media Consultant
Worked very closely with executive and C-suite leadership to identify growth strategies for their social media footprint.
Marketing and Social Media Consultant
Created a social media strategy and process that lead to organic posts of over 1M views.
Marketing Team Lead
Famously added 500,000 Facebook followers to my company's page in less than 2 years. Additionally, I lead a team of marketers who managed the digital marketing needs for a $10M organization.
Digital Advertising and P.R. Consultant
Strategized, wrote, and created an Adwords strategy based upon the launch of a major book title. Addition, I managed a massive P.R. campaign that extended through Web, Print, and Radio channels.
Marketing Team Lead
Maintain and manage a massive eCommerce platform. Also responsible for driving measurable results across key channels by analyzing data.
Business Consultant
Worked in an advisory and consultative role to help the 4PM Media team bring their first video series to market.


Added 500,000 Facebook followers to my company's Facebook page in under 2 years.

The truth of the matter is that it’s not so hard to grow your social media footprint, as long as you’re implementing the right principles. I have four high-level principles that I implement for all my social media clients and I'm confident that they'll work for you as well. Project

In 2015, my team launched and brought to market a new digital platform called FORMED® that serves up video, audio, and eBook content to people all over the world. Visit to experience the platform for yourself.

3 Reasons My Facebook Post Went Over 2.8m People Reached

It’s really important to remember that social media is a marathon, not a sprint. Stick to some of these principles I’ve written about previously and you’ll be well on your way to crafting your first viral post!

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National Campaign - Lighthouse's Buck-a-book project

In 2014, we had this idea to offer Scott Hahn's popular book "Rome Sweet Home" for $1 per copy for the Christmas season and later we added a special "sampler" CD that could be added for an additional $1. The campaign lasted three months and we moved 1.1M pieces to customers in USA and Canada.

Social Media’s 30/60/10 Principle — Not Too Hot, Not Too Cold

When I speak to companies about their social media strategies, I’m always surprised at their reaction when I pitch the 30/60/10 principle for their content strategy. Some companies are able to grasp the concept immediately, while others take additional explanation to see the growth potential.

7 Pro Tips for Mailchimp Users

It always blows my mind why email marketing gets a bad rep. Email marketing can be your most valuable marketing asset if done correctly. Your email campaigns don’t have to be something that people filter or delete as soon as they get it. I can help you optimize your email strategy and execution.



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Seth Godin, Gary Vaynerchuck, John Maxwell, Patrick Lencioni, Hubspot, The Impact Blog, Start-up Podcast

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Help start-up a new non-profit based creative agency designed to help small businesses succeed. More of a full-time job rather than a side project though :)

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Retainer based work where clients are looking for someone to come into their current digital marketing condition and rethink their strategy from the ground up.