Susan E.

  • Joined October 2016

Social media marketing writer ready to build your business. I'm happy to send publications if you're interested in a review.

  • Council Bluffs, IA, United States
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Susan E.
Council Bluffs, IA, United States



Content Copywriting Development Marketing Social Media


$300/month Social Media
$600/month Social Media



Gained education after working as a UNIX programmer so used it to my benefit and started assisting small business owners who needed web site creation and content writing. Writing of business and career topics then focused subject type for quality reasons

Work history

Freelance Writer
•Ghostwrite topics of technology, economics, business, human resources and finance. •Article length will vary upon request from client from 400 to 1,200 words. •Requirement to meet time line with article project writing needs
Social media Freelancer
•Research business and industry trends to write marketing articles for business section. •Design slide shows using Microsoft Power Point to enhance viewer understanding. •Create graphic documentation to assist readers when viewing specific type article
APAC (formerly ITI Marketing Services)
Unix and MUMPS Programmer
•Create campaign structure to meet FCC requirements and company protocol. •Implement campaign code then test to ensure acceptance within dialer operations. •Support programming staff involved in project coding.
MT at Home
Remote Database Administrator
•Provide technical support for company databases so students have access. •Perform routine check of student and classroom databases to ensure no errors. •Assist graduating medical transcription students with job database to locate employment.
ITI Marketing Services
Inbound Customer Services Representative
•Mentor new hires to ensure call quality and call center protocol. •Assist with call floor training by providing quality assurance Q&A to floor personnel. •Discuss customer accounts to provide the best solution based on customer need
Freelance Web page developer
•Recommend project development for business project. •Discuss appropriate budget cost for project and planning of time management. •Prepare project then obtain approval from client by using SDLC.


Editorial writings and publications

This is a personal web page showing a variety of publications that will be constantly updated with full article publications on a variety of subject matter



Master of Business Administration
Bachelor of Science - Management Information Systems



blogger outreach blogging content copywriting content creation editing journalism marketing strategy product strategy presentation and slide design


Facebook LinkedIn Powerpoint Scrivener Twitter Wordpress


Not seeking work


  • Available during business hours, evenings, and weekends


  • Can work 30hrs per week
  • Can commit to 1+ years


Industries I love

Advertising & Marketing Consumer Products Education Events Government Health & Wellness

What I read

Blogs, reviews, white papers, research documentation, non-fiction books

Side projects

helping others who need technical support with software, administrative support, and academic support

Ideal team

Would like to work with in small to medium size teams if possible as project or projects tend to run more smooth with less chaos