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Susan S.

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  • Joined February 2016

Director of Community for TSR. Community Consultant for Startups, Small Business, and Marketing Agencies.

  • Eugene, OR, United States
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Susan S.
Eugene, OR, United States

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Experienced community builder with online and offline experience. I've worked with startups and businesses at all stages to grow their business, gather sales leads, and retain loyal customers. I use kindness, patience, and empathy in communications.

CloudPeep clients

1 x SEO Keyword Research
May 2016 to Jan 2017

Work history

Director of Community
Responsible for all public communications over email and social media. Manger of two community moderators who handle the daily duties of posting to social channels. Set all marketing, community, and content strategy for the brand.
Data Analyst
Performed SEO keyword research, set editorial calendar, and worked with VP of content on strategy. Responsible for community building and social media management for startup clients. Monthly reporting on KPIs and active listening activity.

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Recent reviews

Susan did a great job! Timely, patient in answering questions and took a personal interest in what I was attempting and how I was going about creating my content. She also provided me additional reference materials on related subjects to educate and assist me with my considerations & process moving forward. She followed up while I was figuring things out and ultimately-most importantly-provided me the SEO data & info that i needed, on schedule & at a very reasonable price. Thank you Cloud Peeps!


Amy Tobin

Susan understands community as few do; she knows it isn't about broadcasting more noise out into the very loud social world. She uses data and humanity in a way few others do, and approaches each project in a strategic way. I don't think there is a better community manager out there.

Joe Cardillo

I can't speak highly enough of Susan. She's a thoughtful writer, analytics wizard, has solid web dev skills, and is good at connecting with people. But most importantly, and the area where I've been impressed again and again, is her ability to lay out strategy for building community and quickly execute on it. She's got tremendous knowledge in psychology and sociology and understands what motivates people. She's also just a genuinely great person to work with. Recommended without reservation.


A Proactive Approach to Handling a Community Crisis

The best way to prevent a PR crisis is vigilance. I like to build a communications plan which I reference for my community work. It helps prevent miscommunication and guides moderation practices.

A Writer’s Illicit Love Affair With Mathematics

I adore Medium and this particular piece was published in "The Synapse" collection. It is an example of my skill in story-telling which I apply to brand strategy. It is also a good read if you love math and science.

Gygax Magazine: When community goes right

A case-study on the community strategy used to grow Gygax Magazine's following from 1,000 to 4,000 in one year.



BA Psychology



brand strategy communications content curation community building Communiyt management Moderation social media management content marketing data analysis WordPress


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  • Available during business hours and weekends


  • Can work 5hrs per week
  • Can commit to 6 months to 1 year


Industries I love

Gaming Government Health & Wellness Science Tech

What I read

Blogs: Smashing Magazine, Buzzfeed, AV Club, Sitepoint, Web Design Ledger, Medium, CMX Hub, Feverbee
Youtube: PBS Idea Channel, Numberphile, Comic Misconceptions
Podcasts: Weekly Planet, Community Signal

What I click on from Twitter and Facebook.

Side projects

The Humanity in Data Podcast with my co-host Hessie Jones. We aim to make technology less ambiguous and highlight its impact on the humans who use it.

I am also working on my first data-visualization project.

Ideal team

I work best in a collaborative environment. Encouraging workplaces that focus on autonomy and responsibility are where I thrive. I work well as a member of a remote team using Skype, Slack, Basecamp and other tools to remain connected.