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Syed Kazim R.

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  • Joined June 2016

I help companies use social media to strategically grow their user-base, decrease their customer acquisition costs, and increase revenue.

  • Orlando, FL, United States
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Syed Kazim R.
Orlando, FL, United States

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Content Design Social Media Marketing Strategy



I have worked with small, local businesses in the Orlando area for the past three years. I have helped them use social media to increase brand recognition and customer. I have also worked with start-ups, most recently Pavlok.

Work history

Social Media Manager + Growth Hacker
I was responsible for creating strategic content and marketing it on social media, in order to bring attention to the unique method of habit-formation and retention that we were advocating. We had several six-figures Kickstarter campaigns.
Director of Marketing
As the Director of Marketing, I was able to help market the company in the Middle East Africa. My efforts enabled the company to become a seven-figure business with imports from all over Africa and the Middle East.


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