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58% of startups assign more than 75% of their yearly marketing budget to digital, according to a survey of 55 startups.

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63% of startups want customer acquisition and 59% want brand awareness from their digital marketing. Social media and content marketing were the most important tactics for startups in 2015, as revealed in the same survey.

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The Future of Digital Marketing” report from Mondo says that digital and social will be the highest demanded skills in the next 12-18 months.

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The same report predicted that the future digital marketing workforce will be a 50/50 mix of freelance to permanent workers.

San Antonio, TX, United States Central Time (US & Canada)
Noelle began her career in digital marketing by running nationwide political campaigns, and started her own digital marketing consultancy in 2011. She has served over thirty clients with email marketing, online advertising, and digital marketing. Learn more about Noelle
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Nashville, TN, United States Central Time (US & Canada)
David is a branding and marketing expert specializing in creative narrative driven marketing plans, content and strategies. He has helped multiple startups, recording artists, and established companies created powerful and effective marketing and branding strategies. Learn more about David
content creation content marketing brand strategy video production marketing
Denver, CO, United States Mountain Time (US & Canada)
Ellen is a marketer, brand strategist, content specialist, information architect, and digital guru. She has worn many hats working with a variety of different agencies and companies over the course of her career. Learn more about Ellen
Toronto, Ontario, Canada Eastern Time (US & Canada)
Flora is a full stack digital marketer with 3+ years of experience in delivering top notch digital marketing programs for startups. She has worked with clients such as FishHunter, AppMarkr, IntelliResponse, Crush Campaigns, Enigmati, Axis Blinds and Canadian Hero Fund. Learn more about Flora
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Tampa, FL, United States Eastern Time (US & Canada)
Brian has worked in-house, freelance, & in agency as a digital marketer. He was previously an SEO consultant & is currently focused on customer acquisition & activation, mostly through paid channels and email. Learn more about Brian
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"It won't surprise me in a few years to see the people running agencies and building next generation social software started their journey on CloudPeeps."
Joe Fernandez
Co-founder of Klout
"Thanks to our Peep, we’re now testing new platforms, strategies and tactics to determine what works best."
Andrew Josuweit
"When you can take expertise and bring it together in a network, in a platform the way CloudPeeps has done, I think it’s an extraordinarily efficient way to bring that expertise onto your team from a company perspective."
Jay Baer
President of Convince & Convert
"“I was reluctant for anybody else to manage our community. That was until I came across CloudPeeps! They provide access to social media specialists and experts who truly understand what it means to be responsible for a brand's social image.”"
Leena Thampan
CMO of Wagepoint

The evolution of work and how to grow your startup with freelancers

Companies have been allocating large budgets to agencies for decades. What they’re now realizing is that they can engage remote freelancers who they actually know and trust to work directly with them. The stigma around outsourcing is fading -- more companies are working with freelancers to achieve their business goals.

Working with freelancers allows companies to engage specialized talent on an as-needed basis. Engaging on-demand talent is especially helpful for startups who don't need to hire full time employees quite yet but have very specific work they need help accomplishing.

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