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Therese M.

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I visualize data to help businesses make smarter decisions.

  • New York, NY, USA
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Therese M.
New York, NY, USA




I am a data consultant who helps businesses navigate the BI market and adopt self-service analytics solutions. Simply put, I work with my partners to build dashboards that give them a full view of their company's performance.

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Children's Video Programming: Introduction & Strategic Positioning

I prepared this study of children's video programming based on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram data over a 90 day period. Most of the visualizations were designed in Google Data Studio.

Observing Virtual Reality: What to Track

I initially wanted to draft a one sheeter about Virtual Reality and analytics, but once I got started, I realized this topic was better suited to an article. The beauty of analytics is that they converge with several specialties like content, product, and engineering. Hence, analytics make for an id

Shelter Animal Outcomes

After I gained fundamental training in data science, I participated in a Kaggle competition to predict the outcomes of shelter animals in Austin, TX. The modeling exercise was challenging, but the exploratory and visual aspects of it were very rewarding.

You Down with OTT? Yeah, You Know Me!

Every year, OTT gains more subscribers — many of whom "cut the cord" and permanently drop their cable, satellite and/or telecommunications services in favor of streaming providers. In light of its growing popularity, I decided to create a "quick read" about OTT and the implications it has on video.

Dogs of New York: A Profile

I had the opportunity to explore the data set for all of the registered dogs in New York City (circa 2013). Using Pandas, I formed queries that answered questions about the population's breed diversity, naming trends, and more.


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