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Tiffany has owned her freelance writing business since 2006, partnering with large and small organizations as well as individuals.

  • Westworth Village, TX, USA
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Tiffany A.
Westworth Village, TX, USA

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I began writing professionally while still in school, crafting marketing content for family businesses. I furthered my writing career while employed in a variety of corporate positions before launching my freelance business in 2016.

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Retaining Millennial Talent and Meeting ACA Responsibilities
Two factors over the past half decade have influenced the future of the job market more than any others: the implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and the rise of millennials in the work force.
Spring Real Estate Trends in DFW
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One of the first steps you’ll take in the home-buying process is qualifying for a mortgage. You may soon find, however, that there is a vast world of difference between how much money you qualify for versus how much would be financially responsible to ass
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Analyzing workforce engagement begins with identifying the specific issues important to your particular workforce. That information can then be used in conjunction with cold, hard data to measure engagement success factors.
Common HIPAA Violations
Are you putting your job and employer at risk with unintentional HIPAA violations?
4 Fun Ways to Meet New Friends Over 60
Making friends tends to get harder with age. This stems from a number of causes, from retirement, to obligations such as caring for an aging parent or spouse, to losing long-time friends to relocation or untimely passing.
How Camp Nurses Keep Campers Safe
Camp nurses bear a lot of responsibility for setting the safety standards that keep kids protected. While this position comes with an important burden, it also comes with the chance to work closely with young people and in a fun environment during summer


Sprechen Sie Emoji? Connecting HR Leaders and the Millennial Workforce

Bridging generational gaps in the workforce can be an enormous undertaking. This article takes a look at how millennials use emojis to communicate and how older generations can do the same.

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Children are full of fun and laughter – and loads of energy, too. When your grandchildren visit, those laughs will draw you in but after a few hours or more, they could drain your stamina. Use these activities to do with kids to keep them engaged without completely wearing yourself out.

Homeowners Property Tax Exemption Filings: A North Texas Guide

Property tax exemptions are the key to saving lots of money on your yearly tax bill. From an exemption merely for using your property as your sole residence to exemptions based on age and disability status, you can trim big money from your tax bill.

FLSA Rule Changes: What it Means for Contract Workers and Employees

The revised U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) rules change whether certain employees are classified as exempt or non-exempt and make an estimated 4.2 million more workers eligible for overtime pay.

7 CHROs to Follow on Social Media

Some social media networks — Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram — provide mainly static opportunities to connect. You'll gain more of an advantage, however, when you find and follow CHROs and VPs of HR on Twitter, where your next human resources "aha" moment is just 140 characters away.

The PT Compact: 5 Things You Need to Know

The PT Compact allows healthcare workers to work across state lines more easily. Before you sign up, check out these 5 must-know items.


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