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Thomas M.

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I'm a community manager, visual artist and taco fan with a passion for art, music and forging real, lasting connections around the world.

  • Los Angeles, CA, United States
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Thomas M.
Los Angeles, CA, United States



Copywriting Community Content Strategy Public Relations



I grew up in AOL chat rooms, playing text MUDS like Achaea and racking up 1000s of posts on forums. I sold books and "punk" t-shirts before I wound up at Serious Business, building community on the (at the time) largest Facebook game, Friends For Sale.

Work history

Community Manager
I consulted GOOD on their community platform for readers of their social-good oriented print magazine. I was a part of the process of expanding the platform and the community team from 1 to 3. These days, I curate the "Featured" posts and clear spam.
Squidoo, LLC
Community Manager and Content Quality Editor
I spent several years as a Community Manager for, one of the largest sites dedicated to user-generated content of its time. I focused on empowering creativity in the community and teaching users how to make high-quality multimedia web content.
Serious Business
Community Manager
For 1.5 years, I was a Community Manager for Serious Business, developers of Friends For Sale and other games. I managed, engaged and created content for an audience that reached over 6 million users at its peak. One of the best experiences of my life!
I created video content for PokerPoker, LLC's ABC Open Face Chinese Poker iOS app. I used content and gameplay footage of developer Nikolai Yakovenko playing other pros and myself as I learned to play the game, honed my skills and discussed strategy.



creative writing content curation community support moderation blogging


Google Apps Wordpress Parature Get Satisfaction FogBugz Basecamp Asana Trello Mailchimp Final Cut Pro Zendesk Evernote Wrike Streamframe Ableton Live


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Industries I love

Media Music Philanthropy Social Enterprise Travel Other

What I read

Social psychology, especially books by community organizers and city planners
Aesthetic texts
Philosophy, especially continental and existentialism
Wired Magazine
mid-century Japanese literature

Side projects

I'm a noise musician and visual artist.

Ideal team

I like small to mid size orgs and I like to use collaborative project management tools. I value being able to work across departmental lines. I'm a morning person and like to work in intermittent chunks. International teams are great as well.